ControlUp & VMware Expand Their Partnership with New Product Offerings

ControlUp & VMware have expanded their partnership by adding two additional ControlUp products—ControlUp Remote DX and ControlUp Scoutbees—for VMware Horizon VDI & DaaS customers, which can be purchased directly from VMware.

Over the past year and a half, we’ve been working with a great team at VMware. We’re happy to say it’s been hugely successful, so we’re excited to tell you about our partnership expansion and what it means for VMware Horizon customers.

VMware has expanded its partnership with ControlUp by adding two additional ControlUp products—ControlUp Remote DX and ControlUp Scoutbees—that can be purchased directly from VMware. For a while, customers have been able to buy ControlUp Real-Time DX from VMware, which allows customers to monitor and remediate their Horizon environment everywhere via a cloud-based service. With the expanded partnership, VMware Horizon customers can access ControlUp RemoteDX to observe last-mile networks for EUC environments, and also ControlUp Scoutbees to test the availability of critical SaaS applications before help desk teams get inundated with support calls.

Well, that was a well-crafted executive summary, wasn’t it? Now, let’s get down to business. What the heck are Real-Time DX, Remote DX, and Scoutbees… and why should you care?

ControlUp & VMware Expand Partnership with New Product Offerings

ControlUp Real-Time DX

In a recent VMware blog, Calvin Nguyen highlighted the top 5 benefits of ControlUp, according to VMware Horizon customers. 

  1. ControlUp doesn’t just identify problems; it corrects them.
  2. Having a single interface to provide overview and monitoring of all pods in real time.
  3. The Analyze Logon Duration script.
  4. Monitoring VMware App Volumes.
  5. The ability to monitor Horizon environments from anywhere.

Dare we say… “BOOM?” 💥😎 

“ControlUp is powerful, and it was difficult to narrow down the top benefits from all the great feedback that I got from our customers. Because each site is unique and has its own distinct challenges, it would have been easy to include other useful features like resetting a virtual desktop when the Horizon agent becomes unresponsive, pool provisioning issues, display protocol issues, monitoring connection server health, or even using ControlUp’s built-in screen sharing to see what end-users are experiencing.”Calvin Nguyen, VMware Professional Consulting

ControlUp Remote DX

ControlUp Remote DX, an extension of Real-Time DX, provides insights into unmanaged networks that affect VDI/EUC performance when people travel outside corporate boundaries. For example, let’s say your VDI/EUC experience from home suddenly becomes slow or unresponsive. Is it a hypervisor issue? Is your Wi-Fi signal strength weak or congested? Does your router need to be rebooted? Does your ISP have some problems? ControlUp Remote DX can detect all these issues (and more) with unmanaged remote networks, eliminating the guessing game for IT and allowing them to remediate.

Get ControlUp Remote DX Directly from VMware!
Get ControlUp Remote DX Directly from VMware

ControlUp Scoutbees

Scoutbees is a SaaS-based proactive synthetic monitoring tool that can help eliminate thousands of help desk calls when a critical SaaS application or network resource is slow or offline.  Scoutbees is SaaS-based, but it can test local resources in addition to web apps. It’s simple to configure, too. Just determine what you want to test, how often you wish to test it, and what to do when something goes wrong. 

  • Scoutbees notifications update users before help desk calls are created. 
  • Test Horizon-based VDI and DaaS applications
  • Test web apps and services, as well as critical network resources
  • Set up custom alerting and notifications
  • View test results with detailed reports

This expanded partnership and its new offerings are just the newest ways ControlUp makes VMware Horizon even better. To find out how you can take advantage of ControlUp Real-Time DX, Remote DX, and Scoutbees, give a shout out to your VMware account team (and let us know what you think)!

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