Optimizing the physical endpoint experience

Make remote work better for your distributed teams

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Improve the digital employee experience in real time

Edge DX provides a library of actions that run physical endpoints to improve the digital employee experience.​

  • Run actions as system or user context
  • ​Mass healing on many devices
  • Reconfigure registry settings
  • Augmented troubleshooting
Be alerted when digital employee experience suffers

In spite of IT’s best efforts, digital employee experience sometimes breaks down. ControlUp Edge DX notifies you when the experience is poor, so you can resolve problems—either manually or with automation—before an employee’s productivity is negatively impacted.

  • Alerts when metrics cross a pre-set threshold​
  • Email or webhook notifications​
  • Optimized systems via alerts​​
  • Alert-based automation to fix issues automatically​
Sit side-by-side, virtually, with remote employees

Sometimes we need someone to hold our hand. Edge DX allows IT to remotely control user sessions to help solve problems, no matter where they are working​.​

  • Remote shadow to see the digital employee experience in real time
  • Remote desktop interaction with the employee’s digital environment​
  • Send a message to the desktop for notifications​
  • Remote shell to resolve device issues without user disruption

Bridging the gap with ControlUp

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