AmeriTrust: Customer Support Takes ControlUp From Excellent to Exceptional

For AmeriTrust Group, the level of support and interaction ControlUp gives its customers takes the platform from excellent to exceptional.

AmeriTrust Group, a specialty insurance underwriter based in Michigan, came to ControlUp in late 2019. They knew the ControlUp platform and knew it was just what they wanted and needed to manage their virtual infrastructure. What they didn’t know, however, was what they would get along with a great VDI solution. 

Recently, after their IT team had gone through their onboarding and were able to able to sink their teeth into the ControlUp platform, we received this email from Mike Ryan, AmeriTrust’s lead infrastructure architect:

“It’s important to me that I take a moment to let you know how incredible ControlUp’s support team is. Honestly, your support team is top-notch in every regard. I’ve opened a few tickets, most of which are simple info-seeking questions, and for each and every one, I’ve received incredibly fast responses; the engineers I’ve interacted with are very knowledgeable and personable. 


I almost (selfishly) don’t want ControlUp to grow much more! Put simply, you guys are doing everything right and are exceeding every expectation that I could have. I couldn’t be happier or more impressed with not only your product, but your entire organization.”

Here at ControlUp, we’re pretty proud of the solutions we create. Our work is a labor of love, to be sure, and seeing the myriad ways our products—ControlUp Console, ControlUp Insights, and ControlUp Scoutbees—help companies around the world be more efficient and productive is, to say the least, pretty awesome.

But there’s something else we love even more. It’s knowing that our customers, when they buy ControlUp, are getting more than just a great product; they’re getting great support and a technology partner.

It’s not every day that you get a message like the one AmeriTrust sent us, so I decided to reach out to Mr. Ryan to find out a bit more about how they came to choose ControlUp and how the platform is working for them a few months on.

“I’d had experience using ControlUp in previous roles and knew from the get-go that I wanted to bring it to AmeriTrust. The company was using a competitor’s product [when I got here]; I felt bad for a minute, because I knew we’d stop using it once we got ControlUp in-house, but I got over it pretty quickly,” Ryan laughed.

An End-User Productivity Boon

Little did they know when they signed on, but AmeriTrust’s timing couldn’t have been better. When the Coronavirus shutdowns began here in the States, the team had only had ControlUp in place for a short time, but it helped them right from the start. 

The long-term plan for ControlUp at AmeriTrust was for it to help manage the new infrastructure there. But they opted to deploy it in their legacy environment, too. That turned out to be a great decision. 

Like many companies, AmeriTrust was worried that employee productivity would suffer with the move to all-remote working. But that didn’t happen. ControlUp was actually able to help them increase productivity—something they weren’t expecting.

“ControlUp has shown big increases [in productivity]; it’s been a huge part of building out our new infrastructure,” Ryan says.

Providing Value Right From the Start

I asked Mike if there was any sort of business pain that AmeriTrust was trying to heal; was there a persistent problem they were trying to solve.

“There wasn’t really a business pain, so to speak,” he said. “We are in the midst of standing up a brand-new Windows 10 Citrix environment and we knew that ControlUp would bring value; compared with different solutions, we knew ControlUp was the best choice for us when it came to our plans going forward. In our case, we weren’t trying to solve something; we wanted to future-proof things.” 

For AmeriTrust, ControlUp provides limitless possibilities. The automated actions module, paired with the resources in our Script Library, gives them tremendous value, and the reporting in ControlUp Insights has, in Mike’s words, “blown their execs away.” 

Ryan says that ControlUp’s Script Actions take the product to a whole other level. “The user interface is clean, it’s logical, it makes sense, and that makes a huge difference, not just for IT, but for management, too, and for any other human that’s looking at the Console.”

The product works exactly as advertised, AmeriTrust tells us. “We were all-in from the start,” says Ryan. “ControlUp has had no impact on our production and we can roll things out as we need.” 

The Kind of Support People Dream of

Mike and his team were fans of ControlUp right from the get-go. But they didn’t realize, when they bought the platform, that they’d be getting so much more than a piece of technology.

“ControlUp has the kind of customer support that people dream of,” Mike tells us. Getting the platform set up requires a fair amount of fine-tuning and adjusting. Mike says that he’s called our support team many times and has had a terrific experience with each call. “Your support team is great and they help with anything you need; no request is too small.”

“I almost (selfishly) don’t want ControlUp to grow much more! Put simply, you guys are doing everything right and are exceeding every expectation that I could have. I couldn’t be happier or more impressed with not only your product, but your entire organization. The level of support and interaction makes a great product awesome.”