The Gartner peer reviews are in: ControlUp offers the break IT workers have been waiting for

IT workers, we get it. Given the longstanding global shortage of skilled IT workers and the stunning pace of digital acceleration, you’re in the weeds. Your to-do list is probably longer than a CVS receipt. You’re drowning in tickets, doing the same tasks repeatedly, and constantly putting out fires. It’s enough to make even the most seasoned IT veteran want to throw in the towel.

But fear not—automation has evolved dramatically over the last few years, and the right automation tools can make IT work So. Much. Easier. We’re a little biased on the right tool, but according to recent peer reviews on Gartner, ControlUp’s automation capabilities offer next-level support.

As one reviewer raves, “ControlUp’s automation features allow us to remediate issues without any intervention. In addition, alerts and historical reporting capabilities allow us to gather metrics and data about the environment.” In other words, ControlUp’s automation is like having an extra set (or a thousand) of hands without the added salary cost.

Reviewers repeatedly cite “powerful automation” as a key benefit, allowing for remediation “without any intervention.”

The results speak for themselves. One organization saw an impressive 40% reduction in helpdesk ticket volume just six months after implementing ControlUp’s automation features. By automating common tasks like password resets and system restarts, the IT team could focus on more important things, like keeping the business running smoothly.

Automation makes life easier for IT, but it’s about more than that. It also improves user experience. By automating processes and enforcing best practices, IT teams can ensure a consistent, reliable experience for everyone, no matter how much your organization grows.

Based on these reviews, IT workers think ControlUp gives them the break they need. With all that extra time, they can focus on strategic initiatives that help the company achieve bigger goals. No Whac-A-Mole mallet required.