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Tag: DNS

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Check the permissions of the records that match the computer name specified and optionally change them so that the computer account for the current AD object for that computer has rights to update the record.
Run on a computer that has the ActiveDirectory PowerShell mdoule installed like a domain controller. Permissions for Domain controller DNS records will not be changed,
Use when machines have been rebuilt and they cannot update their own DNS record because it is owned by the account for the previous build which no longer exists in AD so the current computer does not have permissions when it wants to register the IP address against its own DNS record
NOTE: It is recommended you make a backup of your DNS with the Backup DNS Zone script before running this script with Fix set to Yes.
Version: 1.1.7  |   Created: 2019-10-03  |   Modified: 2022-10-06  |   Creator: Guy Leech  |   Downloads: 29
Backup the specified DNS zone(s) to file using dnscmd.exe. The backup is stored in a subfolder created in system32dns
The default 'Zone name or regex' setting of * will backup all Zones on the DNS server.
A REGEX like ^backmeup$ will only backup a zone named 'backmeup'
Version: 1.2.14  |   Created: 2019-09-27  |   Modified: 2022-10-06  |   Creator: Guy Leech  |   Downloads: 8
Find all the duplicate IP addresses and the duplicate names contained within the DNS zone for the local domain. It skips root entries for the domain, however ("@"). See the script for more documentation.
Version: 1.6.10  |   Created: 2016-10-06  |   Modified: 2016-11-07  |   Creator: Michael B. Smith  |   Downloads: 388