A few days ago, we had a serious printing problem in our XenApp farm. We were initially alerted to a printing issue when the aggregated events count started to climb:

We looked at the events and noticed events like this one across 200 servers:

In ControlUp, you can right-click an event and go immediately to the source server’s event viewer:

After reviewing the local Event Viewer logs on several XenApp servers we found that the issue is caused by a specific DLL – C:\windows\system32\spool\drivers\w32x86\3\hpcpn5r1.dll. It seems that somehow, a 32-bit print driver DLL was installed on our 64-bit XenApp servers (possibly due to a print driver update from our central print server), which caused the Print Spooler service to crash.

We considered writing a script to go through all the servers, check for the DLL and remove it. Then I remembered the File System Controller feature in ControlUp.
This allows you to select several servers at once (in our case 200) and open their file structures simultaneously as shown in the scaled-down example below:

In the next screen you can see many servers selected, showing the contents of the spooler folder.

From a similar screen, we were able to simply right click the file we wanted to delete and remove it from EVERY server instantaneously:

Upon completion, ControlUp gives you a summary showing whether any deletions failed:

Within seconds, all the events associated with spooler crashes had stopped.

Al Boyce
Systems Analyst
State Employees’ Credit Union


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