Using iPerf to Baseline Network Performance
Posted By Tom Fenton
February 20, 2020
I recently worked with Dennis Geerlings, a Global Customer Services Engineer at ControlUp, about an issue that one of his customers was having. Some of the customer’s end users were noticing a considerable amount of lag when they were working on their VDI clients. After some investigation we found that the users were using hardware […]
Using Branch Mapping to Troubleshoot Networking issues
Posted By Tom Fenton
February 19, 2020
Often, issues with virtual desktops are tied to the physical location where the thin client resides. There can be a myriad of reasons for this. But, fortunately, using ControlUp’s Branch Mapping feature you can map IP addresses to the names of geographical locations, buildings, or organizational branches to make troubleshooting these issues easier. Branch Mapping […]
ControlUp Script Actions for VMware Horizon
Posted By Dane Christensen
February 13, 2020
Editor’s Note: Guy Leech, a Citrix CTP and former VMware vExpert, has 25 years’ of Citrix experience, especially troubleshooting Citrix environments, plus years as a developer writing functional and efficient Powershell scripts. He has published over 50 ControlUp Community Scripts that can be leveraged manually, used based on guidance from our Virtual Expert, or automated […]
ControlUp + IGEL = ❤️
Posted By Trentent Tye
January 22, 2020
Have you ever done a jigsaw puzzle and found that you’re missing just one piece? It’s just one piece, but it’s a gaping hole right in the middle of the picture you’ve been working to complete. That missing piece ruins the puzzle and makes it feel like all your effort was for naught. What you […]
ControlUp Automation: Session Resource Optimization
Posted By Trentent Tye
August 09, 2019
Session optimization is a common challenge, whether you’re managing a Citrix, VMware Horizon, RDS, or WVD environment (or an environment composed of all three). We’ve been working on a approach to attacking the problem, creating scripts and adding triggers to make the result more comprehensive and powerful. And we’ve done it! These new trigger/script action […]
ControlUp Automation – Faster Than a Human – Automatic Remediation
Posted By Trentent Tye
July 30, 2019
In my previous blog, I showed how to use ControlUp automation to help augment our troubleshooting ability by providing additional information.  When it detected the database had failed, ControlUp Automation automatically started several tasks; a CDF trace, packet capture, and database and connectivity tests. Once you have collected enough traces for Citrix to analyze you […]
ControlUp Automation – Faster Than a Human – Augmented Troubleshooting
Posted By Trentent Tye
June 27, 2019
ControlUp Automation – Faster than human – Augmented Troubleshooting The challenges of troubleshooting intermittent problems   I’m working with a customer who’s having an intermittent issue. The database that Citrix connects to occasionally becomes unavailable — why, no one knows. Since Citrix has a 90 second delay from the database outage to the local host cache […]
Introducing ControlUp Automation!
Posted By Trentent Tye
May 16, 2019
Another day, another call had come in.  I knew all too well what this was going to be about.  Our Citrix users were getting an error message when trying to launch their applications.  We encountered this sporadically, but often enough that the process to fix this was well known. This fix was simple, but time […]
Monitor Citrix Resources with the ControlUp Logon Simulator
Posted By Trentent Tye
February 12, 2019
Using the ControlUp Logon Simulator gives you the ability to have proactive notifications when applications become unavailable to your users. Each run by the simulator generates an event giving you the results of that run. This allows you to create an event based task to execute an action, or use the ControlUp Realtime Console to […]
Cloud Discovery and the nuts & bolts of Citrix Cloud and Horizon Cloud
Posted By Theresa Miller
July 12, 2018
VDI workstation virtualization is a common approach for corporate desktop and application access, and it allows IT to centralize information in the corporate datacenter.  These approaches allow for some key business benefits, with the biggest being mobility. Users can work from anywhere and at anytime, allowing for a great amount of flexibility of work teams. […]