Digital Employee Experience (DEX) sentiment survey

Edge DX helps employees communicate their perspective of the digital experience.

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Employee sentiment surveys provide a user’s perspective of the digital experience. Surveys are easily created and automatically delivered to the client’s desktop. Rich reports provide a better understanding of employee sentiment, broken down by job role, region, or other criteria.
Survey Creator
Survey Creator

Edge DX survey wizard creates customized surveys to meet the needs of the employees and the IT business unit.

  • Localized languages
  • Surveys in NPS, Free Text, Multiple Choice, Multiple Selection
  • Survey recipient targeting
DEX Sentiment Dashboard
DEX Sentiment Dashboard

Edge DX has an easy-to-understand visualization of all survey results to give you a qualitative understanding of the employee’s sentiment toward the digital experience.

  • Sentiment scores
  • NPS scores
  • Filter results
Granular Reporting
Granular Reporting

ControlUp allows you to dive deep into answers to find that needle in the haystack information from thousands of anonymous respondents by reporting information such as

  • Number of respondents
  • Net promoter score
  • Free text answers

Supporting a Work from Home Network with ControlUp

In this white paper, we highlight the features and capabilities of ControlUp Edge DX to enable IT organizations to better monitor and manage remote workers with networks and devices who often work from various locations.

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