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ControlUp has shown big increases [in productivity] since the COVID lockdowns began; it’s been a huge part of building out our new infrastructure
Mike Ryan, AmeriTrust’s
ControlUp allows us to bypass egos and external influences and just see the raw information. There’s no ego in ControlUp; it’s just information, unvarnished by humans.
Noel Mahnkopf, eHealth NSW
ControlUp has been a lifesaver for Parentix. It has saved us money, stress, and, most importantly, time! We couldn’t be happier with the platform or the ControlUp team.
Marcel Korbee, Cloud Ops Engineer
Previously I used ControlUp primarily as a dashboard utility to check the status of servers, but new features have opened it up to do so much more. I’m excited about managing App-V packages on my XenApp servers with the script based actions. Great work!
Michael Kutyna, Systems Admin Programmer
ControlUp is an amazing solution – easy to set-up, easy to use and perfect for maintaining and managing our big Citrix farm.
Nicolas D’Hondt, Senior System Engineer & CEO
We use ControlUp in our day-to-day management and as a triage tool for quick and easy analysis. This is NOT just a monitoring tool, it is really an overall server management tool. I would definitely recommend this to colleagues.
Matt Goulding, Senior Citrix Analyst
It’s great to know what events are normal for our environment and being able to immediately respond to those abnormal ones that crop up. Thanks for a great product!
Al Boyce, Systems Analyst
Wow, we have needed a tool like this for the past decade and it will increase your team’s productivity! I have had an excellent experience with ControlUp and would highly recommend it.
Daniel Costello, AVP Infrastructure Engineering at LPL Financial
ControlUp is a fantastic product. It provides a level of visibility into RDS/Citrix farms that we’ve never had before which has helped us be far more proactive in identifying problems.
Rodney Beuthin, IT Consultant
WithControlUp we proactively resolve issues, instead of reactively. Fantastic product: A+.
Todd Egan, Help Desk Analyst
ControlUp has become a cornerstone of the daily administration of our large Citrix Server Farm, as well as many other assets. ControlUp is very proactive in taking use cases from actual System Admins to improve the use of this product.
Robert Skinner, Team Lead
ControlUp is one of those tools that when you start using it, you wonder how you ever lived without it. It is very handy and can simplify a huge range of tasks. I recommend it to anyone running a Citrix farm of any size.
Daniel Fay, Systems Engineer
Not only does ControlUp provide real-time monitoring, it has a plethora of tools and features that make administration a breeze. Not sure how we got along with out it all these years.
Lawrence J. Clark Manager, Software as a Service
Monitoring a 24/7 XenApp farm with ~2500 concurrent users is never an easy task, but ControlUP certainly makes it easier! There are other solutions out there, but none that is so complete, a true one-stop solution.
Shlomi Malul, Citrix and Endpoint Team Leader
The ControlUp client uses very little resources and installs quickly. This the best product I have used for monitoring Citrix Servers. I highly recommend it!
Kevin Simpson, Citrix/Windows Infrastructure Specialist
ControlUp is the only tool I found with an easy overview of the health status of my Citrix servers in real time, and with the ability to quickly drill down to see details to find our root causes.
Karsten Rechnagel, Systems Administrator
I can’t imagine managing an environment as large as ours without it. And I sure don’t want to go back to the way things used to be.
Dustin Donner, System Analyst/Engineer
Probably the most cost effective monitoring tool I have ever purchased in my 30 years within the IT industry. Does what it says and for an incredible price. ControlUp is a no brainer.
Sean Whetstone, Head of IT Services

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