Show All GPO Results

Show All GPO Results

Version: 1.7.8 Creator Name: Zeev Eisenberg Date Created: 2017-06-15 Date Modified: 2017-06-15 Scripting language: PS Download Count: 383 This GPO runs gpresult for a specific user on a specific computer and displays the results in IE in HTML format. This SBA may not work if the console is in not in the same domain as the target computer. $ComputerName = $args[0] […]

List Computer GPOs

Version: 1.1.4 Creator Name: Zeev Eisenberg Date Created: 2016-06-07 Date Modified: 2016-06-07 Scripting language: PS Download Count: 563 This SBA shows the current computer Group Policy Objects applied based on the records inside the “Operational” log under “Microsoft-Windows-GroupPolicy”. By default the log size is configured to 4MB, That means that this SBA can look back this much. Consider increasing the log [&he...

Analyze Logon Duration

Version: 3.27.93 Creator Name: Niron Koren Date Created: 2015-05-12 Date Modified: 2018-03-05 Scripting language: PS Download Count: 274 Get a detailed overview of the most recent logon process for a specific user. This SBA queries the event log for every major event that relates to the logon process. Use this SBA to track down which phase is responsible for delays during […]

List user GPOs

Version: 2.2.7 Creator Name: Niron Koren Date Created: 2014-07-07 Date Modified: 2015-02-12 Scripting language: PS Download Count: 1324 Script overview Displays the names of all Group Policy Objects (GPOs) applied and filtered in the selected user session/s Script use case In an organizational Active Directory-based environment, Group Policy is a widely used mechanism for configuring environmental settings, security options and other [&hell...