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Tag: logon duration

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This Script Action uses the ServiceNow API to create an incident in ServiceNow IT Service Management. The script as presented is for a specific use case: it creates an incident containing the user's full name, the user's logon duration and the machine name.

This Script Action can also be used as an example/template for your own ServiceNow integration needs. See the script for more details on how to modify.
Version: 1.2.15  |   Created: 2020-10-21  |   Modified: 2020-12-01  |   Creator: Joel Stocker  |   Downloads: 80
Analyze Group Policy Object's Group Policy Preferences load times, which helps break down Group Policy processing time by extension as well as by GPO. This allows for identifying individual GPOs that took longer than others to load.
Requires GPP Logging to be enabled. The script itself can enable GPP logging by running it against a session with -enable in the advanced options.
Version: 1.5.27  |   Created: 2020-06-18  |   Modified: 2020-08-27  |   Creator: trentent.tye  |   Downloads: 564
Parses the Profile log for FSLogix event for a specific user and displays the results.
Version: 7.6.27  |   Created: 2019-12-03  |   Modified: 2023-10-26  |   Creator: Trentent Tye  |   Downloads: 2681
This script is designed to enhance the login measurements in a computer using auditpol, wevutil and reg commands and complete the requisites for the Analyze Logon Duration Script.
It will additionally increase the size of the Group Policy and Print Service Event logs to retain the information for a couple of hours after login.
Important note: This script modifies the audit policies on a computer and should be used with caution. If in doubt consult with your IT Security team.
Version: 2.1.5  |   Created: 2019-05-01  |   Modified: 2020-07-19  |   Creator: Marcel Calef  |   Downloads: 637
Run gpresult for the selected user to get a list of scripts that ran at logon and show where they are located, including the containing GPO's name and GUID, so that it is easy to view the script contents with a view to troubleshooting, optimising, etc. It also shows the size of the script, any parameters passed to it and when it was last modified
Version: 1.4.9  |   Created: 2018-10-05  |   Modified: 2018-11-20  |   Creator: Guy Leech  |   Downloads: 773
Get a detailed overview of the most recent logon process for a specific user. This script queries the event log for every major event that relates to the logon process. Use this action to track down which phase is responsible for delays during the logon process. Uses WMI to retrieve pre-Windows logon phase data from Citrix so does not use OData and therefore does not need credentials
Version: 19.32.176  |   Created: 2018-07-02  |   Modified: 2023-11-03  |   Creator: Guy Leech  |   Downloads: 67720