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Logs off the selected user session
Version: 2.1.2  |   Created: 2019-01-27  |   Modified: 2022-12-14  |   Creator: ek  |   Downloads: 3637
Logoff disconnected sessions on the selected computer(s) which have been disconnected in excess of a given period, specified in minutes.
Disconnected period - the time in minutes over which a user must have been disconnected before they are logged off (default is 10 minutes)
Version: 1.3.3  |   Created: 2018-10-13  |   Modified: 2018-11-23  |   Creator: Guy Leech  |   Downloads: 386
This SBA runs under the session context of a selected user and shows
how long each "Group Policy Client Side Extension" took to complete based on the records inside the "Operational" log under "Microsoft-Windows-GroupPolicy".

By default the log size is configured to 4MB,
That means that this SBA can look back this much.
Consider increasing the log size to view older entries.
Version: 9.21.52  |   Created: 2015-02-09  |   Modified: 2020-11-13  |   Creator: Niron Koren  |   Downloads: 17232