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This GPO runs gpresult for a specific user on a specific computer and displays the results in IE in HTML format. This SBA may not work if the console is in not in the same domain as the target computer.
Version: 1.7.8
Created: 2017-06-15
Modified: 2017-06-15
Creator: Zeev Eisenberg
Downloads: 1289
Tags: GPO
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$ComputerName = $args[0]
$ComputerDomain = $args[1]
$UserName = $args[2]
$FQDN = $ComputerName + "." + $ComputerDomain
$Output = "$env:temp\GPOResults.html"

If (!(Test-Path (Split-Path $Output))) {
    New-Item (Split-Path $Output) -ItemType directory | Out-Null
    If (!($?)) {
        Write-Host "Unable to create output path, please check and try again."
        Exit 1

& gpresult.exe /S $FQDN /User $UserName /H $Output /f
$IE = (Get-ChildItem -path "$env:ProgramFiles" -include "iexplore.exe" -recurse -ea SilentlyContinue).FullName
If (!$IE) {
    If (Test-Path $Output) {
        Write-Host "Could not find Internet Explorer in the Program Files directory. Please launch $Output from another browser."
        Exit 1
    } Else {
        Write-Host "Could not write the output file. Please check the path and try again."
        Exit 1
Start-Process $IE -ArgumentList "file://$Output"
Write-Host "SBA complete"