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Performs a test of all the technical requirements for HDX content redirection, which can potentially save bandwidth and CPU. The script's output provides the test results along with recommendations on components that need to be enabled or upgraded for content redirection to work.
Version: 1.4.20  |   Created: 2020-10-07  |   Modified: 2020-10-13  |   Creator: Marcel Calef  |   Downloads: 111
Run on a Delivery Controller or where the CVAD PowerShell snapins are available, e.g. Studio is installed. User running the script must have sufficient permission to chage the enabled state of the selected delivery groups
Version: 1.1.6  |   Created: 2020-10-06  |   Modified: 2020-10-13  |   Creator: Guy Leech  |   Downloads: 39
Show how recently (in number of days) delivery groups have had sessions launched from them, by checking the last used property for each machine in a delivery group.
Specify the minimum number of days last launched to show only delivery groups which have not had sessions launched within that number of days and optionally disable them. Specify 0 days to show all delivery groups.

Run on a Delivery Controller or where the CVAD PowerShell snapins are available, e.g. Studio is installed.
Version: 2.6.19  |   Created: 2020-10-02  |   Modified: 2020-10-09  |   Creator: Guy Leech  |   Downloads: 51
Query the selected delivery controller via OData to retrieve connection failure details for a specific user, or all users, within a specified number of days ago
Version: 2.4.10  |   Created: 2020-08-05  |   Modified: 2020-12-01  |   Creator: Guy Leech  |   Downloads: 305
This is a simple script that restarts the BrokerAgent service on a Citrix VDA. This is useful when VDAs become unregistered. It forces them to try to re-register to a Delivery Controller. In some instances a reboot of the VDA may be required, for everything else there's this SBA!
Version: 1.1.8  |   Created: 2019-10-23  |   Modified: 2021-03-18  |   Creator: Rory Monaghan  |   Downloads: 217
Logs off the selected user session
Version: 2.1.2  |   Created: 2019-01-27  |   Modified: 2022-12-14  |   Creator: ek  |   Downloads: 1664
Show the client device Operating System type form for a specific user session.
Use this script without requesting the display of the Receiver version to get the results grouped by client OS (available only as a ControlUp Script Based Action).

Categorization of the Client OS is accomplished by querying the Citrix VDA or XA65 worker for the ClientPlatformId registry value in the appropriate Citrix ICA hive for that user session and follow the conversion described in this document:
Version: 2.8.23  |   Created: 2018-12-08  |   Modified: 2018-12-16  |   Creator: Marcel Calef  |   Downloads: 135
Citrix Apps and Desktops (formerly XenApp and XenDesktop) introduced Adaptive transport which automatically chooses between TCP & UDP for the HDX sessions. This script will leverage the ctxsession command to display the current status of the active HDX sessions.
Version: 1.10.23  |   Created: 2018-11-19  |   Modified: 2018-12-20  |   Creator: Marcel Calef  |   Downloads: 476
Show the configuration changes made in Citrix Studio in a given time window, optionally filtered on a specific user. Use this SBA to see if any changes have been made which might be affecting end users.
Start - optional time to show changes from. Can be specified as a date/time or as a number of units of time back from the present such as 7d or 1w where s=second,m=minute,h=hour,d=day,w=week,y=year (default is 7 days)
End - time to stop showing changes after. Can be specified either as a date/time or a number of units of time from the start value specified. (default is the current time)
If date/time values are used, they must be enclosed in double quotes, e.g. "02/02/2018 08:00:00"
Username - optional name of a user to just show changes for
Version: 1.4.14  |   Created: 2018-10-29  |   Modified: 2018-11-26  |   Creator: Guy Leech  |   Downloads: 108
Recurses AD groups found to show all user accounts with any access to Citrix Studio.
Needs to be run using an account that has at least read-only Studio access.
Use it to see exactly which users have access and what level.
User Name to Query - an optional username or regular expression to restrict the display to

If a name is specified as a parameter then only that account is reported on
Version: 1.6.11  |   Created: 2018-10-24  |   Modified: 2018-11-26  |   Creator: Guy Leech  |   Downloads: 48
Use quser.exe to find disconnected sessions on the chosen computer and order on the most recently disconnected, showing the user's logon time too.
Hours Back to Check - how far back to look for disconnected sessions so those disconnected before this time will not be included (default is 24 hours)
Version: 1.6.19  |   Created: 2018-07-18  |   Modified: 2018-11-21  |   Creator: Guy Leech  |   Downloads: 110
This script runs on the the target VDIXenApp computer. It will initiate a trace route command from the VDIXenApp machine to the client device. This will help identify which hop between the two devices has the highest latency.
TRACERT.EXE runs for a maximum of 5 minutes, after which the script times out.
Version: 2.5.13  |   Created: 2016-06-19  |   Modified: 2022-07-26  |   Creator: Matan Nataf  |   Downloads: 2240
Use this script based action to pull detailed information on the cache usage on Citrix XenDesktop 7.9 and above.
Version: 1.0.1  |   Created: 2016-05-31  |   Modified: 2016-05-31  |   Creator: Andrew Morgan  |   Downloads: 633
Checks the computer registry and displays current ICA Listener binding information - if ICA is enabled, displays the adapters to which ICA is bound
Version: 2.0.3  |   Created: 2016-05-03  |   Modified: 2018-11-05  |   Creator: Trentent Tye  |   Downloads: 68
The script runs on the ControlUp Console computer and initiates an HDX connection against one or more XenApp servers in order to check the server's health. The script does not perform any actual login activity to the targeted XenApp server.
Version: 1.12.26  |   Created: 2016-03-13  |   Modified: 2016-03-16  |   Creator: Matan Nataf  |   Downloads: 1100
Recreate the local host cache of a XenApp Server
Version: 1.0.1  |   Created: 2014-08-28  |   Modified: 2014-08-28  |   Creator:   |   Downloads: 300
This disables DEP which is recommended by Citrix.
Version: 1.0.1  |   Created: 2014-08-27  |   Modified: 2014-08-27  |   Creator: jjordan  |   Downloads: 330
For a machine streamed using Citrix Provisioning Services, marks the device as down, resets the Active Directory machine account password and reboots the device. This action should be executed on a PVS server with MCLI PowerShell snap-in installed.
Version: 3.3.10  |   Created: 2014-06-22  |   Modified: 2014-07-02  |   Creator: ControlUp Support  |   Downloads: 297
Adds the selected XenApp server(s) to a Worker Group
Version: 3.2.13  |   Created: 2013-12-30  |   Modified: 2014-02-18  |   Creator: Zeev Eisenberg  |   Downloads: 184
Remove selected server(s) from the list of servers on which a selected application is published
Version: 2.0.2  |   Created: 2013-11-24  |   Modified: 2014-02-20  |   Creator: Zeev Eisenberg  |   Downloads: 157
Enable XenApp Logon to the selected server
Version: 2.0.2  |   Created: 2013-11-24  |   Modified: 2014-02-19  |   Creator: Zeev Eisenberg  |   Downloads: 521
Disable XenApp Logon to the selected server. This state only persists until the next reboot.
Version: 2.0.4  |   Created: 2013-11-24  |   Modified: 2014-02-19  |   Creator: Zeev Eisenberg  |   Downloads: 552
Changes the XenApp Logon Mode for the selected server. Please enter one of the following states: AllowLogOns, ProhibitNewLogOnsUntilRestart, ProhibitNewLogOns, ProhibitLogOns
Version: 4.1.7  |   Created: 2013-11-21  |   Modified: 2017-11-14  |   Creator: Zeev Eisenberg  |   Downloads: 224
Removes the selected XenApp server(s) from a Worker Group
Version: 2.0.3  |   Created: 2013-11-21  |   Modified: 2014-02-20  |   Creator: Zeev Eisenberg  |   Downloads: 167