Analyze High Latency Issues

Version: 1.1.3 Creator Name: Matan Nataf Date Created: 2016-06-19 Date Modified: 2016-06-23 Scripting language: PS Download Count: 741 This script runs on the the target VDI\XenApp computer. It will initiate a trace route command from the VDI\XenApp machine to the client device. This will help identify which hop between the two devices has the highest latency. <#   .SYNOPSIS     […]

PCoIP Bandwidth Usage Details

Version: 1.7.21 Creator Name: Zeev Eisenberg Date Created: 2015-11-26 Date Modified: 2016-01-03 Scripting language: PS Download Count: 134 This SBA gives a deeper insight into the PCoIP protocol for VDI VMs. $TargetName = "$env:COMPUTERNAME" ## To Do: ##  setup instance names to filter results when the sessions are on an RDS server. Filtering is not meaningful for VDI (workstations). This version […]