XenDesktop Broker Integration

With the looming release of ControlUp version 6, I’m super excited to talk about the new Citrix XenDesktop / XenApp broker integration built into the console!

With this new release, ControlUp will have full visibility of every aspect of XenDesktop and XenApp site health. From VDA’s, to controllers, to databases and services, from a single management console for all day to…

ControlUp 6.0 new application load​ time feature

Welcome back to the ControlUp blog! A few months ago now, I wrote a Comparative blog post of Application Load times between the major Application Layering vendors. This blog post was really well received, but it was also a view of what was to come in the next version of ControlUp.

With the release of ControlUp version 6, the code and…

Hyper-V real-time performance monitoring and management

By now, many people have heard about (and sing the praises of) ControlUp and our unique way of bringing IT insights to sysadmins around the world. In version 4.0, we introduced Hypervisor integration to extend our real-time performance monitoring to the virtualization world, starting with VMware ESXi and XenServer. Now, in version 6, we are proud to announce support for…

Analyze HDX Bandwidth

We are happy to announce a new script based action package named Analyze Network Issues. The trigger for the announcement is the release of two brand new scripts now available in the ControlUp script library (under Community Actions) and the upcoming release of ControlUp 6.0, which introduces new HDX session bandwidth related columns. This article will cover the two new…

Troubleshoot and Speed Up Windows Logons in Desktop Virtualization Environments

Logon issues are part of the reality of any desktop virtualization environment. Since slow logons are rampant in virtual environments and have a negative impact on user experience and how VDI is perceived in the organization, it is important to minimize the slow logons to the lowest level possible.
Let’s explore common reasons for slow logons and offer best practices in…

What’s new in ControlUp Insights

Since we first launched ControlUp Insights in early 2016 so much has changed, new reports were added and lots of updates happened behind the scenes. While sticking to our guidelines of keeping it simple, interactive, beautiful and insightful, you may have also noticed a significant performance boost. This is actually due to ControlUp’s investment in the back end hardware as…

Analyzing High Profile Load Time

One of the very popular pieces of information that ControlUp provides is insight into statistics of user sessions, especially profile load time during login. In this post, we would like to go through a way of using both ControlUp Insights and the Script-Based Actions in order to identify and troubleshoot high profile load times.

Identifying Users with High Profile Load…

Everything you need to know about the new Citrix MCS IO acceleration

With the release of Citrix XenDesktop 7.9, a new feature we’ve all been “keen as mustard” to test is the new Citrix MCS IO acceleration baked into the 7.9 release. If you’re unfamiliar with this functionality, think about the ability to serve burst disk IO directly from RAM instead of slower san disk.

Moreover, if you’re familiar with Citrix Provisioning services,…

Comparing the performance impact of application layering technologies

With 2016 being touted as the “year of application layering” by many vendors and analysts alike, it’s only natural to be having conversations around the many competing products on a weekly basis.

If you’re unfamiliar with these technologies, Application layering from vendors such as Citrix, VMware and Unidesk give you the ability to easily install applications or a (group of applications)…

New PVS Farm Check SBA

Based on the new PowerShell CMDlets for Citrix Provisioning services

After much tireless lobbying from CTP’s, particularly from Carl Webster, Citrix have spent the time to convert the old soap / text based PowerShell cmdlets (which were just a wrapper for the mcli command line) to true object based PowerShell cmdlets, complete with help and examples!

Not broadly announced or celebrated, these…

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