ControlUp Launches ‘Drive DX’ Global Partner Program

Digital Employee Experience management leader more than tripled investment in partner ecosystem while realizing 240 percent channel revenue growth over past two years

SAN FRANCISCO, CA, October 26, 2022ControlUp, the industry leader in Digital Employee Experience (DEX) management, today announced the official launch of the Drive DX Global Partner Program. The program allows partners to offer their customers ControlUp’s comprehensive DEX platform for unparalleled real-time visibility into work-from-anywhere technologies. Additional capabilities include unified communications and SaaS app monitoring, end-user sentiment assessment, and DX metrics that allow IT to proactively identify, troubleshoot, and remediate issues before they impact employees’ digital experience and productivity. The Drive DX program already includes leading partners, Xentegra and Alchemy from the United States, SVA from Germany, Populous from Brazil, and TEBA from Australia-to name a few.

“The pandemic forced every enterprise to up-level their IT infrastructures to allow remote working at a scale that had never been seen historically. This pace added stress on IT departments who are the first line of defense for making the company’s technology stack work correctly,” said Andy Whiteside, XenTegra CEO and President. “By offering access to ControlUp’s DEX management platform, our customers can scale their IT management tools quickly while keeping employees productive and happy and the bottom line positive.”

Gartner projects that DEX adoption will increase rapidly in the coming years. By 2025, the firm predicts that half of IT organizations will establish a DEX strategy, team, and management tools, increasing from just 5 percent in 2021. The industry analyst firm also predicts that 80 percent of organizations will use accessibility as a key criterion for workplace technology investments. “Every organization today needs to provide its remote workforce with tools that allow for frictionless communications and productivity without completely ripping apart and replacing the current IT stack,” said Amir Harel, Senior Vice President of Sales, ControlUp. “By providing our partners the ability to sell our comprehensive DEX management platform, we’re ensuring more companies can proactively monitor and support their remote and hybrid workforces while increasing employee satisfaction and productivity. As a testament to how much we value our reseller partnerships, we have tripled the amount of marketing funding paid directly to partners while adding significant investments to run and build our partner campaigns and program, and doubling the number of team members dedicated to the program.

ControlUp’s easy-to-navigate Partner Portal provides a one-stop shop for learning, marketing, selling, and supporting the ControlUp product offerings with access to discounts, free ControlUp Academy training, sales and technical certifications, as well as customer resources, and global go-to-market support and tools. Three partnership tiers –Foundation, Advanced and Elite–offer customized benefits at each level.

“Creating a friction-free digital work environment for our tenacious, entrepreneurial teammates is important for our values-based, people-centric company,” said Michael Quirin, Alchemy CRO/Partner. “Using ControlUp’s DEX management platform to support our employees, and offer it to our customers, helps fortify the long-lasting relationships and partnerships we strive to create. IT dark zones are now easily eliminated because everyone now has much-needed visibility into technology systems so they can solve problems before they are reported. Because this creates a win-win scenario for everyone involved, you couldn’t ask for more, especially as a reseller.”

Recently recognized as a strong performer in end-user experience management by Forrester Research, ControlUp uniquely brings data together to visualize employees’ digital employee experience across the entire stack. while proactively addressing network latency issues, availability of SaaS apps and virtual desktops. With the ability to deploy Edge DX at scale in minutes, IT teams can virtually sit side-by-side with work-from-anywhere employees to fix issues quickly on physical endpoint devices so team members can get back to work fast.

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