What is Digital Employee Experience Management (DEX)?

What is Digital Employee Experience (and why do I need it)?

Digital Employee Experience (DEX) is the quality of users’ interactions with technology in their work environment.

Long before the coronavirus pandemic reared its (decidedly ugly) head, forcing the world’s workforce to figure out how to work from home, the move to remote work was already underway.

ControlUp, the industry leader in VDI monitoring and management technologies for more than ten years, saw the writing on the wall. We knew IT needed tools to deal with this new world order. So we sought to develop our platform to include solutions to help them deliver a digital employee experience as good as (or even better) than what their end-users got in the office.

But ControlUp doesn’t just show you what’s going on in your back end; we give you extended visibility and control into your users’ physical endpoints and user experience metrics, too, to give you a true, end-to-end view of everything in your environment that affects digital employee experience and productivity.

The ControlUp Digital Employee Experience management platform gives IT departments the broadest view available into the performance of local networks and Wi-Fi, so they can deliver the best possible employee digital experience, even when people are working from home.

From Proactive Synthetic Testing to Real-Time Optimization to Historical Data Analysis, ControlUp gives IT professionals a comprehensive view of their infrastructure—from applications and VDI to physical endpoints—so they can stay a step ahead of issues in their environments and keep their teams happy and enable a frustration-free digital employee experience.

Here’s how we do it:

Proactive Synthetic Monitoring for all your applications

ControlUp Scoutbees: Test and report the availability of your EUC virtual apps, VDI desktops & your web- and network-based resources, all from a single place.

ControlUp Scoutbees: Proactive Synthetic Monitoring for all your applications

Scoutbees is a SaaS app that uses continuous synthetic testing to send you alerts about the availability of your apps, desktops, and network resources. Scoutbees allows ITOps teams to quickly identify the cause of the availability issues and address them before your end-users have a chance to call the help desk (or even know there’s a problem).

Scoutbees tests the health and availability of your published resources as often as every five minutes. With it, you have end-to-end visibility into the conditions that lead to failures, as well as in-depth reporting about their duration, so your end users can stay productive and happy.

ControlUp Real-Time Optimization

Improve the digital experience in real time, across virtual, cloud & physical endpoints

ControlUp Real-Time DX: Real-Time Digital Employee Experience management

Real-time, actionable dashboards to pinpoint and remediate problems unique to users’ virtual desktops and applications.

ControlUp Real-Time DX shows you your environment in real time.

Providing a comprehensive view of your EUC environment, ControlUp Real-Time DX collects metrics in real time (I mean, it’s in the name), so you can identify, troubleshoot, and remediate problems before they adversely affect your employees’ digital experience and productivity. TL;DR: ControlUp helps keep your end-users happy.

Real-Time Monitoring

ControlUp creates technology that’s designed for humans; we want our solutions to be intuitive and easy-to-use. Our Solve user interface is designed to let you see your environment—VDI, servers, and everything else—in real time, so you’re able to keep things humming along as they should, so your users stay productive and frustration-free.

User Experience Monitoring

ControlUp’s user experience metrics make it possible for you to deliver the best possible user experience.

ControlUp’s user experience metrics help you to deliver the best possible user experience, bar none. Find the source of and fix issues related to excessive logon duration, slow app response, and lots more with just a few clicks. The metrics displayed in ControlUp can help you troubleshoot and take care of issues in your environment before your users are even aware there’s a problem.

End-User Support & Remote Assistance

The breadth and complexity of technologies in your VDI environment make agile and effective end-user support more than a little intimidating. Delivering a solid user experience is critical to your organization’s success, so we take support and remote assistance seriously. Your help desk personnel get a full complement of troubleshooting capabilities to support your end-users, including user session shadowing, interactive chat, and more, all from a single, simple console.

ControlUp Virtual Expert

The ControlUp Virtual Expert™ helps you out when you need to troubleshoot and solve issues in your environment. Typically, this involves just a few steps—including finding the root cause of an issue, fixing the problem and then checking to see that it was taken care of. The Virtual Expert guides and assists (basically holds your hand and tells you everything’s going to be OK) every step of the way.

By analyzing data from thousands of troubleshooting sequences and continuously improving its machine learning algorithms, the Virtual Expert recommends the shortest path to uncovering the root cause of any problem.

At any point in the troubleshooting journey, there are lots of bits of information or actions that you can take. By observing the context of the user and their problem and applying analysis from a wealth of similar troubleshooting sequences (which ControlUp Insights records for you), the Virtual Expert suggests a set of actions that are most likely to solve the problem.

Script Actions

ControlUp’s feature set is limitless and, with our library of community-driven script actions, allows for quick development of new capabilities.

Written in PowerShell, VBScript, or CMD batch files, ControlUp Script Actions make it possible for you to simply customize ControlUp to your organization’s needs. You can use one of the more than 340 (at the time of this writing) scripts in the ControlUp Script Library or write your own.

From resizing a virtual machine to tracing network hops to getting in-depth logon information, ControlUp Script Actions allow you to do it all with just a few clicks.

ControlUp Edge DX: Manage the digital employee experience for end-users using physical endpoints

ControlUp Edge DX lets you monitor your Windows-, MacOS-, Linux-, and IGEL OS-based physical endpoints in real time, regardless of their location. With it, you can gain an understanding of and detailed information about your endpoints. Delivered as a SaaS application, Edge DX is accessible from anywhere, is designed to work for organizations of any size, and be used by any audience, from IT admins to help desk employees.

Unlimited Scalability

ControlUp Edge DX is cloud-based, so it meets the requirements of any size environment. And since it’s delivered as SaaS, all you need to do is deploy a single agent on the endpoints that you want to monitor and maintain. That’s it, no additional infrastructure or management is needed.

Real-Time Health Status

ControlUp Edge DX: Manage the digital employee experience for end-users using physical endpoints

Edge DX’s allows you to quickly assess the health status of your organization’s endpoints in real time. With just a click or two, you can see more detailed dashboards for your devices. Edge DX collects and displays user logon time, input delay, and other vital data, which allows you to assess a user’s experience with quantifiable metrics.

ControlUp Insights

Powerful analytics, detailed reporting and actionable findings—right out of the box—with no hardware or operational investment.

ControlUp Insights Powerful analytics, detailed reporting and actionable findings—right out of the box—with no hardware or operational investment.

In IT, data is king. Using powerful analytics, ControlUp Insights gives your team the information they need to plan effectively, optimize resources, and monitor the health of your systems, so you can deliver the best possible user experience.

The work-from-anywhere enterprise has stressed IT departments like never before. Being able to ensure employee satisfaction and productivity is tantamount to their success. ControlUp is here to help. We give IT the tools they need to observe, analyze, and optimize the digital employee experience, no matter where people are working, so they can stay productive and happy (and keep everyone’s stress level low).

Go the last mile. Start delivering a great digital employee experience with ControlUp TODAY.

Introducing employee experience optimization for the work-from-anywhere era

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