Custom dashboards and unified web access with ControlUp Solve!

ControlUp Solve, the flagship modern unified web-based interface, supports all of ControlUp’s products allowing overall monitoring of the entire EUC environment through powerful customizable dashboards in real time.

Who’s ready to dive into all that’s new with ControlUp Solve? You are? Of course you are. Let’s get to it.

Custom Dashboards

ControlUp Solve has been enthusiastically received by our customers since its launch in March 2021. Its user interface looks awesome, it works great at scale, and breathes new life into ControlUp. Customers have long been asking us for the ability to create their own custom dashboards and we are delighted to announce that is now a reality (we told you we were listening)!

Creating custom dashboards is simple. All of the interactive widgets that display data in Solve’s Real-Time Health Status dashboard are available for you to use as you wish.

When creating a dashboard, you can set the scope to any folder in your ControlUp organization. This is awesome because if you have multiple Citrix sites and want to display pertinent data for each in their own dashboards, this makes doing that a snap.

Maybe you’d like to provide dashboards for various IT departments, showing only the data related to the resources they care about. Or maybe you’re a VMware Horizon or Citrix admin. Maybe you want to have dashboards for each virtual desktop pool in your sites and share those with department managers of the users in those pools. With custom dashboards in ControlUp Solve, this is all possible.

ControlUp’s granular role- and group-based controls in the Security Policy are extremely popular for customers, particularly for providing an optimized experience and workflow for their help desk agents. 

Many of our customers keep the ControlUp Console open and displayed on televisions mounted on a wall in their control centers, but it can be difficult to read important data displayed—even on a large display—when viewing from a distance. 

But that’s not a problem anymore. 

ControlUp Solve now supports a TV view mode to display data optimally in this use case. You can work with your help desk team to create a custom dashboard with the data they care about most and it will now display beautifully, anywhere.

This is just the beginning for custom dashboards. In the coming months, we plan to increase their capabilities to allow you to  create even more powerful and useful dashboards for your organization with any of the rich data that ControlUp collects. 

Proactive Synthetic Monitoring

One of the coolest aspects of ControlUp is that you can collect data from multiple sources without needing to go into multiple product consoles. It’s cliché, but we want ControlUp Solve to deliver a true, single-pane-of-glass experience. And with the integration of Scoutbees—ControlUp’s proactive synthetic monitoring solution—into Solve, we’re giving you exactly that.  We have brought the availability data and proactive monitoring results that Scoutbees collects, so you’re able to see all your data, all in one place.

ControlUp Edge DX

If you thought our other updates were exciting, hold onto your hat. ControlUp Solve can now monitor and display data for physical endpoints, too.  Around the world, organizations have had to pivot their business models to support remote workers. These businesses need a permanent work-from-anywhere strategy and need the ability to monitor physical devices no matter where their employees are working. Our customers need data that’s essential in helping troubleshoot connectivity issues for their remote workforce. With ControlUp Edge DX, we make that—and a whole lot more—possible.

ControlUp Remote DX

As ControlUp collects data in real time, you can watch someone’s device and see when it connects to a different Access Point and trace any performance degradation as it happens. The data provided by ControlUp Remote DX  completely changes the way you’re able to support your remote workers. Remote DX is just one more way ControlUp helps you deliver a better digital experience for your end users. 

Supporting Work-From-Anywhere Users with ControlUp Remote DX

Centralized Auditing

Centralized Auditing (which has been available in preview since the initial launch of Solve) is now generally available! Every action and event within your ControlUp organization is recorded and available with just a quick query. Like all data displayed in Solve, the audit log has many filters available that you can combine for quick and simple searching.

ControlUp v8.5 brings the type of rich data our customers get for their EUC sites to their physical endpoints. We think the new features are game changers for us and our customers. More key metrics being provided to IT teams can help lead to an excellent digital experience for not only people working in an office but also for your remote workforce. An evolving and dynamic workplace requires an evolving and dynamic solution to proactively monitor critical resources, observe systems and staff productivity plus ultimately help improve and bring value to the organization and we believe we are the premier candidate for the job.