ControlUp: Delivering the Ultimate Digital Experience Monitoring & Optimization Platform

As Asaf, CEO of ControlUp, laid out in his blog post, today we are introducing various new solutions—available through our ControlUp Ultimate offering—that are designed to make it easier for you to monitor and optimize your users’ daily digital experience. 

ControlUp Ultimate is the simplest, most cost-effective way to get all of ControlUp’s solutions—ControlUp’s real time monitoring and analytics, including ControlUp SOLVE, Proactive Synthetic Monitoring with ControlUp Scoutbees and the latest enhancements with the updated 8.2 release—all in one place.

Want to take a look at all the new enhancements and technologies in more detail? Let’s dive in.

Monitoring at Scale with ControlUp SOLVE

Providing visibility at scale, ControlUp SOLVE allows you to see, in real time, the overall health of your EUC environment, end to end, and lets you easily drill down to see detailed metrics for any aspect of your infrastructure, all the way down to the user session process level. Delivered as a SaaS app, ControlUp SOLVE is accessible from anywhere and is designed to work for organizations of any size and to be used by any audience, from IT admin to help desk employee.

Here’s an overview of what you can expect when you start using SOLVE in your environment.

However, there’s much more to SOLVE, so keep you eyes out for another post later this week that will go into all the details.

Proactive Synthetic Monitoring with Scoutbees

ControlUp Scoutbees is a cloud-based solution that uses continuous synthetic transaction testing to proactively alert you when the availability of your apps, desktops, and network resources are impacted, whether they are virtual apps and desktops delivered through Citrix or VMware Horizon, or if you want to monitor your network resources and web apps. Scoutbees allows IT Operations teams to quickly identify the cause of availability issues and address them before user productivity is impacted.

Although Scoutbees is rooted in EUC, helping admins proactively test the availability of Citrix and VMware Horizon delivered  apps and desktops, we are expanding Scoutbees capabilities to also proactively test the availability of both internal and external web apps and network services such as DNS, file shares, print services and any other network resources you want to test through our new Network Scouts functionality.

ControlUp v8.2

In addition to SOLVE and Scoutbees—available exclusively in the ControlUp Ultimate offering—we are also releasing an update to our core real-time monitoring technology with our v8.2 release.

Here’s what’s new in the 8.2 release:

  • Full integration with Citrix Cloud, allowing users to monitor Citrix resources over the cloud
  • The ability to discover Horizon RDSH components and offer real-time visibility of RDS sessions and applications
  • Out of the box support for IGEL OS over 11.04.100 
  • A simpler tree structure to select trigger scope—no more drop-down
  • A new, passwordless login flow
  • Session “Packet Loss” and “Frames Per Second” columns enhanced to support PCoIP session metrics
  • Support for SSH key-based secured credentials for Linux endpoints
  • Full centralized auditing—every action taken in the console is logged

Let’s have a look at some of the key features in more detail.

Citrix Cloud

The control plane that powers Citrix Cloud’s Virtual Apps & Desktops service for your organization is now fully integrated in ControlUp. Monitor and manage your Citrix Cloud resources, including delivery groups, cloud connectors, sessions, VDAs, applications and more! With ControlUp, you can take action on individual resources—things that simplify the administration of your Citrix Cloud environment. Enable or Disable Delivery Groups, set maintenance modes, shadow users, kill processes, log off sessions, and lots more.

With ControlUp v8.2, you can fully view all of your Citrix Cloud Connectors from any resource location, right from the ControlUp Console. On each connector—along with the common ControlUp metrics for any machine—you can get more useful information about your Cloud Connectors, such as status, version, type, and more.

Horizon RDSH 

With regard to monitoring VMware Horizon environments, the feature that our customers have been asking for is the ability to monitor and work with Horizon RDSH objects. With the release of ControlUp v8.2, you can now discover Horizon RDSH components and offer real-time visibility to RDSH farms, servers, sessions, and applications.

Horizon RDSH objects are displayed on the dashboard by selecting the application farm in the navigation pane, then selecting the Applications tab in the navigation bar. This will show the applications that are available, in addition to pertinent information like whether an application is enabled, how many active sessions it has, and so on. 

Full Support for IGEL

ControlUp has long supported monitoring IGEL devices through a custom partition. But with the release of ControlUp v8.2 and IGEL OS, ControlUp will recognize IGEL OS (v.11.04.100 and newer) out of the box. This will make it easier to  add your IGEL devices to ControlUp and eliminate the need to have a custom partition.

All you have to do is add your IGEL devices to the Linux Data Collector and they magically appear in the ControlUp Console along with all their metrics. How cool is that?

Running an older version of IGEL OS? ControlUp v8.2 will also automatically recognize those versions as long as the ControlUp custom partition is installed. Monitoring IGEL devices with ControlUp has never been easier.

These new releases are just the beginning of new ways that ControlUp is delivering a best-in-class user experience for our customers, and for their customers, too. Let us know what you think. And? Stay tuned for more big news coming soon!