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Tag: iis

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Requests a certificate from a enterprise certificate authority and automatically binds it to port 443 of the IIS Default Site.
Version: 2.2.7  |   Created: 2023-10-06  |   Modified: 2023-10-31  |   Creator: Trentent Tye  |   Downloads: 10
The script finds the location of IIS log files and deletes the files older than X amount of days and/or over Y size. By default, the script runs in report-only mode which displays the total size of files by location. In order to enable log file deletion, change the "Report on log files only..." argument to "false".
Version: 1.2.5  |   Created: 2021-01-18  |   Modified: 2021-01-19  |   Creator: Ton de Vreede  |   Downloads: 73