Digital employee experience management for physical endpoints

Monitor and improve the digital experience for employees using physical endpoints

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ControlUp solutions for physical endpoints

ControlUp support's the work-from-anywhere strategy for physical endpoint devices by detecting issues impacting the digital experience, quickly fixing and automating fixes to problems before help desk tickets are created, and lowering the cost of support.

Common Physical Endpoints challenges

Reducing MTTR

Remote endpoint devices cause IT more challenges as they are on unmanaged networks, fall out of a supported configuration, and cannot have an IT person sit side-by-side.

The average weekly support requests are up 20% since 2022[1]

ControlUp benefits for physical endpoints

Reducing MTTR with real-time device insights

Reducing MTTR on Windows, MAC, and Linux endpoint devices are essential for managing remote work environments. ControlUp collects, alerts, and reports on the endpoint experience on each remote device, then provide tools to help make the experience better

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Understanding user activity

With ControlUp, IT can understand what employees are doing, which applications they're using, and how long they're using them to ensure productivity.

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Work-from-anywhere visibility and assistance

ContrloUp gives IT the ability to shadow or "remote control" a user's session to help lower the mean time to resolution.

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Notification and automation

ControlUp automatically tracks the quality of an employee's user experience and contacts IT or an employee with recommendations on how to improve it —either manually or automatically — before creating a help desk ticket.

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Multi-platform support

ControlUp supports the most popular client operating systems today. ControlUp's native agents collect digital employee experience data, support native scripting languages, and provide access to the device's remote shell.

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