A refreshing way to manage vGPU in VDI
Posted By Gadi Feldman
February 05, 2018
Good news – vGPU adoption is skyrocketing. Bad news – vGPU environments aren’t being managed as well as they should. Until now… The benefits of virtual GPU (vGPU) in a VDI environment are becoming clearer every day (here’s an example). It’s difficult to find a use case that’s not graphics-intensive. Medical image processing? Yes. Video-embedded […]
ControlUp 7.1 – A minor version number increase, a giant leap for sysadmins
Posted By ControlUp Team
January 11, 2018
ControlUp provides a unique platform that lets you monitor, troubleshoot and optimize your IT infrastructure. We are continually improving our product to help our community run a reliable and optimized IT operation. ControlUp 7.1 brings a ton of new capabilities to systems administrators. Along with enhanced host and VM visibility, this release adds NetScaler monitoring […]