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Get attached USB devices

Gets the user’s USB devices

Version: 2.3.7
Created: 2017-06-21
Modified: 2019-07-02
Creator: sebastien.le-gonid
Downloads: 85
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$ErrorActionPreference = 'Stop'
    Gets the attached USB devices

    Gets the attached USB devices using WMI with the Win32_USBControllerDevice class, then displays a summary of the information.

    This script can be used to find USB devices that may be malfunctioning or misconfigured (Status field not OK). It can also be used to compare the attached USB devices of several machines.
    Based on example code from James Brundage
    Context: This script can be triggered from: User session
    Modification history: 29=06-2019 - Ton de Vreede - Added simple error handling, selection and sorting to original community script submission


# Retreive, select and sort USB Controller details
try {
    Get-WmiObject Win32_USBControllerDevice | Foreach-Object { [Wmi]$_.Dependent } | Select-Object Name,Manufacturer,PnPClass,DeviceID,Status | Sort-Object Name | Format-Table -AutoSize
catch {
    Write-Host "The USB devices could not be retreived. Exception detail:`n$_"

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