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Run on a Citrix Delivery Controller as a user with at least read only Studio access to site and license data. It will highlight licenses due to expire within the specified number of days, to allow for the renewal process to commence, or where the maximum number of licenses is in use or has been exceeded.
Version: 1.1.5  |   Created: 2023-04-14  |   Modified: 2023-05-25  |   Creator: Guy Leech  |   Downloads: 23
Check the status and common issues with Citrix VDA registration
Version: 1.0.1  |   Created: 2021-08-19  |   Modified: 2021-08-19  |   Creator:  |   Downloads: 241
Assign or unassign a tag to one or more Citrix machines, optionally creating the tag if it does not already exist.
Can also be used to show current tag assignments for specified machines and delete a tag entirely after removing it from all machines where it is in use.
Maintenance mode can be enabled/disabled too where the use case is where the tag is used to give details of why the machine has been put in maintenance mode, who by, when, etc
Script must be run on a Citrix delivery controller or a machine where the Citrix PowerShell cmdlets are installed. In the latter case, a delivery controller name must be given in the arguments
Version: 1.1.21  |   Created: 2021-07-27  |   Modified: 2022-07-27  |   Creator: Guy Leech  |   Downloads: 41
Performs a test of all the technical requirements for HDX content redirection, which can potentially save bandwidth and CPU. The script's output provides the test results along with recommendations on components that need to be enabled or upgraded for content redirection to work.
Version: 1.4.20  |   Created: 2020-10-07  |   Modified: 2020-10-13  |   Creator: Marcel Calef  |   Downloads: 128
Run on a Delivery Controller or where the CVAD PowerShell snapins are available, e.g. Studio is installed. User running the script must have sufficient permission to chage the enabled state of the selected delivery groups
Version: 1.1.6  |   Created: 2020-10-06  |   Modified: 2020-10-13  |   Creator: Guy Leech  |   Downloads: 42
Show how recently (in number of days) delivery groups have had sessions launched from them, by checking the last used property for each machine in a delivery group.
Specify the minimum number of days last launched to show only delivery groups which have not had sessions launched within that number of days and optionally disable them. Specify 0 days to show all delivery groups.

Run on a Delivery Controller or where the CVAD PowerShell snapins are available, e.g. Studio is installed.
Version: 2.6.19  |   Created: 2020-10-02  |   Modified: 2020-10-09  |   Creator: Guy Leech  |   Downloads: 70
This is a simple script that restarts the BrokerAgent service on a Citrix VDA. This is useful when VDAs become unregistered. It forces them to try to re-register to a Delivery Controller. In some instances a reboot of the VDA may be required, for everything else there's this SBA!
Version: 1.1.8  |   Created: 2019-10-23  |   Modified: 2021-03-18  |   Creator: Rory Monaghan  |   Downloads: 256
Disable XenDesktop maintenance mode for the selected computer(s)
Version: 9.10.32  |   Created: 2013-11-24  |   Modified: 2023-02-23  |   Creator: Zeev Eisenberg  |   Downloads: 1433
Enable XenDesktop maintenance mode for the selected computer(s). Highlight the target VMs, but run it on the broker for the VMs.
Version: 8.0.11  |   Created: 2013-11-24  |   Modified: 2023-02-23  |   Creator: Zeev Eisenberg  |   Downloads: 1251