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Query all services, both system and per-user, get the binary responsible for the service, which will be a dll when the service executable is svchost,exe and check its digital signature.
By default, only services whose binary is not validly signed will be shown but parameters are available to show any signing state and to show all services or just non-Microsoft ones
Version: 1.0.6  |   Created: 2023-02-23  |   Modified: 2023-02-23  |   Creator: Guy Leech  |   Downloads: 5
Enables Firewall Auditing Events and then tails the event log remotely. The tailing of events for this script is closer to realtime then the text log.
Version: 1.7.9  |   Created: 2020-09-22  |   Modified: 2020-09-28  |   Creator: Trentent Tye  |   Downloads: 32
This script will scan the Security log for evidence of recent changes to the local Administrators group and report whether the required audit policy is configured on the machine.
Version: 1.7.8  |   Created: 2020-06-10  |   Modified: 2020-06-10  |   Creator: Marcel Calef  |   Downloads: 43
This script will check if the user is part of BUILTINAdministrators, directly named This script will check if the user is a member of BUILTINAdministrators, directly named
or inherited from other local or domain groups
Version: 1.5.5  |   Created: 2020-06-10  |   Modified: 2020-06-10  |   Creator: Marcel Calef  |   Downloads: 76
Uses the Horizon PowerCLI api's to pull all admin related events from the Horizon Event database for all pods. If there is no cloud pod setup it will only process the local pod. After pulling the events it will translate the id's for the various objects to names to show the proper names where needed.
Requires Horizon 7.5 or later
Output is displayed in the console but also saved to a default location of c:windowstempCU_Horizon_audit_log.csv

This script requires VMware PowerCLI to be installed on the machine running the script. PowerCLI can be installed through PowerShell (PowerShell version 5 or higher required) by running the command 'Install-Module VMware.PowerCLI -Force -AllowCLobber -Scope AllUsers'

Version: 2.6.14  |   Created: 2020-04-28  |   Modified: 2020-09-15  |   Creator: Wouter Kursten  |   Downloads: 49
This script retreives the administrative users and groups in a Horizon View environment.
You can this script to make sure administrators have the right permissions in Horizon View?
This action should be executed against a Horizon endpoint machine (one which has the HZ Primary Connection Server column populated in ControlUp Console). The script uses the target machine to determine the connection server address, and is executed on the machine running ControlUp Console.
Version: 3.5.9  |   Created: 2020-01-11  |   Modified: 2020-02-04  |   Creator: Ton de Vreede  |   Downloads: 46
Creates a report of the packets dropped by Windows firewall during the specified interval.
Version: 1.4.16  |   Created: 2018-11-22  |   Modified: 2019-02-17  |   Creator: Ton de Vreede  |   Downloads: 151
Add or remove domain or local accounts to/from local groups on selected computers. Can either be done immediately or at a given date/time in the future via a scheduled task, e.g. remove specific users from the local admininstrators group in 1 day's time.
Users - a comma separated list of AD user accounts to add/remove to/from the specified group
Local group - the name of the local group which will have the users added or removed
Remove from group - if true then the specified users will be removed from the group, if false then the users will be added to the group (default is false)
When - If nothing is specified, the action is taken immediately otherwise a scheduled task is created to perform the action at the data/time specified which can also be a number followed by a time unit, e.g. 8h for 8 hours or 1d for 1 day. If specifying a date/time, it must be enclosed in double quotes.
Version: 1.4.12  |   Created: 2018-10-22  |   Modified: 2018-11-26  |   Creator: Guy Leech  |   Downloads: 63
This SBA confirms whether protection against these vulnerabilities have been enabled on the target computer.
For more infomation:
Version: 2.2.6  |   Created: 2018-01-04  |   Modified: 2018-01-11  |   Creator: Rotem Agmon  |   Downloads: 114
Adds the required registry keys to enable the mitigations on the target computer.
Requires the relevant Microsoft patch installed on the target computer.
For more inforrmation:
Version: 2.2.15  |   Created: 2018-01-04  |   Modified: 2018-01-11  |   Creator: Rotem Agmon  |   Downloads: 70
This script gets the user SID for the current username. If the same name exists in both the local computer and the domain, both SIDs will be returned.
Version: 2.1.2  |   Created: 2017-01-26  |   Modified: 2021-01-11  |   Creator: Sebastien Le Gonidec  |   Downloads: 913