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Reset WEM – Registry Settings

Reset registry key where WEM registry settings are stored.

Version: 1.2.25
Created: 2017-07-11  |   Modified: 2019-05-20  |   Creator: timriegler
Downloads: 23
Tags: Citrix,
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<# .SYNOPSIS Remove ControlUp Registry settings in the cache in the logged on user's registry .DESCRIPTION The registry cache occassionally becomes corrupted. This SBA will remove the WEM cache for only the registry settings. A WEM refresh on the agent / VDA is required to complete the refresh. You may also log the user off / back on again. .PARAMETER RegPath Path to the registry cache .NOTES Created by Tim Riegler #>

$RegPath = ‘HKCU:SoftwareVirtuAll SolutionsVirtuAll User Environment ManagerAgentTasks Exec CacheRegistryValues*’

# Check if the item exists and delete all sub-keys.
Try {
If (Test-Path (get-childitem $RegPath)) {
Write-Host “Key Exists! Deleting exisitng key…”
# Remove-Item -Path HKCU:CurrentVersion* -Recurse
Remove-Item -Path $RegPath -Recurse
Catch {
Throw “Key does NOT exist. Exiting.”
Exit 1

Write-Host ‘Registry Key reset. Please use WEM Admin Console to refresh the workspace agent on this host:’ $env:computername


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