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Shadow session using RDP

Leverage MSTSC.exe for Shadow and remote control of sessions.

For troubleshooting see:

Note for Win10: Make sure you are allowing “Remote Desktop -Shadow (TCP-In)” in the Firewall

Version: 1.7.20
Created: 2019-11-09  |   Modified: 2020-06-11  |   Creator: Marcel Calef
Downloads: 43
Tags: RDP,
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REM  .SYNOPSYS  Leverage MSTSC for Shadow and remote control
REM  .AUTHOR    Marcel Calef 2019-11-09
REM  .EXAMPLE   shadow.bat 1 userPCname /control no
REM Allow shadow via GPO
REM    Policies -> ADM Templates -> Windows components -> Remote Desktop Services -> Remote Session Host -> Connections
REM        ‘Set rules for remote control of Remote Desktop Services user sessions’
REM or via Registry:
REM    HKLMSOFTWAREPoliciesMicrosoftWindows NTTerminal ServicesShadow [DWORD]
REM        0=not allowed, 1=control with consent, 2= control w/o consent, 3=view with consent, 4=view only w/o consent
REM see https://support.controlup.com/hc/en-us/articles/360000602929-Shadow-RDS-Session-without-prompt
REM Firewall (particularly Win10):   Make sure you are allowing “Remote Desktop -Shadow (TCP-In)” in the Firewall
REM .TAGS $ID,$State=”Active”

SET SessionID=%1
SET RemoteComputer=%2
SET addControl=%3
SET consent=%4
SET FQDN=%2.%5

REM adjusting the input to the proper MSTSC switches: /control and /noConsentPrompt  or omitting them
IF /I NOT %addControl%==/control SET addControl=
IF /I %consent%==no (SET consent=/noConsentPrompt) ELSE (SET consent= )

REM addig %6 if provided to prompt for credentials
mstsc /shadow:%SessionID% /v:%FQDN% %addControl% %consent% %6


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