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Show Citrix FAS performance counters

This script queries and displays the values of performance counters for the Citrix Federated Authentication Service object. It requires the “CitrixFederatedAuthenticationService” service to exist on the target computer.

Version: 1.0.1
Created: 2018-11-29
Modified: 2018-11-29
Creator: Samuel Legrand
Downloads: 36
Tags: Citrix FAS
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#Check for FAS Counters Availability

function Test-FASNamespaceExists {

$servicename_search_string = "CitrixFederatedAuthenticationService"

if(!(get-service -name $servicename_search_string -ErrorAction SilentlyContinue)){

    write-warning "FAS service unavailable, FAS not installed?"





Function Get-FASPerformanceData{

   #confirm FAS installed first



   $paths+="Citrix Federated Authentication ServiceActive Sessions"

   $paths+="Citrix Federated Authentication ServiceAverage Concurrent Certificate Signing Requests"

   $paths+="Citrix Federated Authentication ServiceAverage Private Key Operations per Minute"

   $paths+="Citrix Federated Authentication ServiceAverage Request Time Milliseconds"

   $paths+="Citrix Federated Authentication ServiceCertificate Count"

   $paths+="Citrix Federated Authentication ServiceCertificate Signing Requests per Minute"

   $paths+="Citrix Federated Authentication ServiceHigh Load Level"

   $paths+="Citrix Federated Authentication ServiceMedium Load Level"

   $paths+="Citrix Federated Authentication ServiceLow Load Level"

   $counters=get-counter -Counter $paths

   $counters.countersamples | select @{Expression={$_.path.split("")[-1]};Label="Counter Name"},@{Expression={$_.cookedvalue};Label="Value"}




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