WEM Cache Repair


Version: 1.0.1
Created: 2019-04-23T16:23:06.713
Modified: 2019-04-23T16:23:06.713
Creator: zanercl
Downloads: 42
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#This script is used to troubleshoot WEM Agent refresh issues

$LocalDatabaseDir = ‘C:Program Files (x86)NorskaleNorskale Agent HostLocal Databases’
$LocalDatabases =Get-ChildItem “C:Program Files (x86)NorskaleNorskale Agent HostLocal Databases*.sdf”

#This section is used to kill the VUEMUIAgent.exe process if it is running
$ProcessName = Get-Process -Name VUEMUIAgent -ErrorAction SilentlyContinue
$Services = “Netlogon”,”Norskale Agent Host Service”
if ($ProcessName)
Stop-Process -Name $([string]$ProcessName.ProcessName)
Write-Host “VUEMUIAgent has stopped”
Write-Host “VUEMUIAgent is not running”

#Stop Norskale and Netlogon services
foreach ($service in $Services)
Stop-Service -Name $service -Force
Write-Host “$service has stopped.”

#Delete the WEM Agent Cache
cd $LocalDatabaseDir
Remove-Item $LocalDatabases
Write-Host “Files have been deleted”

#Start Netlogon Service which will start Norskale
$WEMAgent = ‘C:Program Files (x86)NorskaleNorskale Agent HostVUEMUIAgent.exe’
foreach ($service in $Services)
Start-Service $service
Write-Host “$service is running.”

Start-Process -FilePath $WEMAgent


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