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Run the Sysinternals Process Monitor (procmon) utility for a specified amount of time for a selected process and see which files are most frequently accessed. If a path to an existing procmon executable is not given, it will be downloaded securely from the live.sysinternals.com site._x000A_Arguments:_x000A_ Monitor Period – the time in seconds to run the monitoring for. Monitoring for more than 60 seconds is not recommended as this can potentially impact system performance and disk space._x000A_ Backing file – if not specified this will be in the windowstemp folder on the system drive which on Citrix PVS booted systems can cause performance issues so specifying a file on a persistent local drive can help alleviate this potential issue._x000A_ Procmon Location – the location of an existing copy of procmon.exe. If not specified and internet connectivity is available, it will be downloaded.

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