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Tag: SID

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This script gets the user SID for the current username. If the same name exists in both the local computer and the domain, both SIDs will be returned.
Version: 2.1.2  |   Created: 2017-01-26  |   Modified: 2021-01-11  |   Creator: Sebastien Le Gonidec  |   Downloads: 969
This script will query the SID used by the computer as well as the domain object SID used by Active Directory and return the output for both.
For the local SID that the computer uses for itself, this is the same as the SID for the local Administrator without the -500 on the end.
For the Domain Object SID, this is queried from Attribute editor of the Computer object in AD.
Version: 1.0.6  |   Created: 2016-04-14  |   Modified: 2017-01-31  |   Creator: Tony McBride  |   Downloads: 567