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Check Cloudpaging Player Status

This script will return the current status of the Cloudpaging Player on a given machine.
Version: 2.0.7
Created: 2022-12-01
Modified: 2023-04-21
Creator: Rory Monaghan
Downloads: 7
Tags: Cloudpager Cloudpaging Containers Numecent
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#requires -Version 5.0
#requires -Modules Cloudpaging

 Checks the real-time status of the Cloudpaging Player.
 Returns the real-time status of the Cloudpaging Player.
  If the Cloudpaging PowerShell module it will notify that the command does not exist.
 To return the status of the Cloudpaging Player, the Player must be installed on the machine and the PowerShell module and cmdlets must exist.

Import-Module Cloudpaging

$ErrorActionPreference = 'stop'
try {
    Get-CloudpagingClient | Select-Object Status
Catch {
    Write-Error "There was an error retrieving the Cloudpaging Player Status"