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Clear Cloudpaging Cache

This script will clear a user's Cloudpaging cache to effectively reset the cache as new.
Version: 2.1.8
Created: 2022-12-01
Modified: 2023-04-21
Creator: Rory Monaghan
Downloads: 3
Tags: Cloudpager Cloudpaging Containers Numecent
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#requires -Version 5.0
#requires -Modules Cloudpaging

 Clears the Cloudpaging cache.
 This script will purge the current cache in use for cloudpaging application containers by the selected user.
 To clear the cache, the Player must be installed on the machine and the PowerShell module and cmdlets must exist.

Import-Module Cloudpaging

$ErrorActionPreference = 'stop'
try {
Catch {
    Write-Error "There was an error clearing the Cloudpaging cache"