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Get Cloudpaging Cache Details

This script returns cache details from machines including the cache storage location, the minimum size, maximum size and percentage of cache used.
Version: 2.0.6
Created: 2022-12-01
Modified: 2023-04-21
Creator: Rory Monaghan
Downloads: 3
Tags: Cloudpager Cloudpaging Containers Numecent
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#requires -Version 5.0
#requires -Modules Cloudpaging

 Returns details of the Cloudpaging cache such as cache storage location, percentage used and more.
  Returns details of the Cloudpaging cache including cache storage location, size, maximum size,
  minimum size and percentage used.
 To return Cloudpaging Player cache details, the Player must be installed on the machine and the PowerShell module and cmdlets must exist.

Import-Module Cloudpaging

$ErrorActionPreference = 'stop'
try {
    Write-Error "There was an error retrieving the client cache details."