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Tag: AD

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List the synchronization status and replication errors of all domain controllers in the domain.

This script can be executed on a monitor and will request the required data via a PSSession to the domain controller(s).

This script requires the ActiveDirectory PowerShell module to function.

If errors are found, this could be a long running script. Increase the timeout if required.
Version: 2.0.0  |   Created: 2023-04-11  |   Modified: 2023-05-23  |   Creator: Rein Leen  |   Downloads: 34
Exports users from active directory to a CSV for solve user import.
Users and groups must be comma separated, if one is not used please have '$null' in the field so it does not attempt to be processed.
A user account should contain the following data, otherwise it will not be exported: userprincipalname (UPN), givenname, sn (surname), mail (emaill address), samaccountname, distinguishedname
Builtin groups such as Domain Users are not supported
Version: 1.0.19  |   Created: 2022-10-11  |   Modified: 2022-10-30  |   Creator: Steve Schneider  |   Downloads: 541
This script runs on the console and performs a basic health check of the local AD domain. Please see the documentation within the script for all the details and choices available.
Version: 1.4.6  |   Created: 2016-10-06  |   Modified: 2016-11-07  |   Creator: webster  |   Downloads: 698