Analyze HDX Bandwidth

Version: 1.2.27 Creator Name: Matan Nataf Date Created: 2016-06-26 Date Modified: 2016-06-27 Scripting language: PS Download Count: 733 This script measures the bandwidth of a given active HDX session, and breaks down the bandwidth consumption into the most useable ICA virtual channels. The output shows the bandwidth usage in kbps (kilobits per second) of each virtual channel and the total session. […]

HDX Connectivity Health

Version: 1.12.26 Creator Name: Matan Nataf Date Created: 2016-03-13 Date Modified: 2016-03-16 Scripting language: PS Download Count: 536 The script runs on the ControlUp Console computer and initiates an HDX connection against one or more XenApp servers in order to check the server’s health. The script does not perform any actual login activity to the targeted XenApp server. <# .SYNOPSIS The […]