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This Script-Based action retrieves the HDX Insight information for a given user session

Version: 1.1.3  |    Date: 2020-11-17  |   Creator: Esther Barthel, MSc  |   Downloads: 18

Performs a test of all the technical requirements for HDX content redirection, which can potentially save bandwidth and CPU. The script’s output provides the test results along with recommendations on components that need to be enabled or upgraded for content redirection to work.

Version: 1.4.20  |    Date: 2020-10-13  |   Creator: Marcel Calef  |   Downloads: 31

Citrix Apps and Desktops (formerly XenApp and XenDesktop) introduced Adaptive transport which automatically chooses between TCP & UDP for the HDX sessions. This script will leverage the ctxsession command to display the current status of the active HDX sessions.

Version: 1.10.23  |    Date: 2018-12-20  |   Creator: Marcel Calef  |   Downloads: 301

Checks the computer registry and displays current ICA Listener binding information – if ICA is enabled, displays the adapters to which ICA is bound

Version: 2.0.3  |    Date: 2018-11-05  |   Creator: Trentent Tye  |   Downloads: 54

This script measures the bandwidth of a given active HDX session, and breaks down the bandwidth consumption into the most useable ICA virtual channels. The output shows the bandwidth usage in kbps (kilobits per second) of each virtual channel and the total session. This version shows only the session output (download), and not the upload.

Version: 1.2.27  |    Date: 2016-06-27  |   Creator: Matan Nataf  |   Downloads: 1251

The script runs on the ControlUp Console computer and initiates an HDX connection against one or more XenApp servers in order to check the server’s health. The script does not perform any actual login activity to the targeted XenApp server.

Version: 1.12.26  |    Date: 2016-03-16  |   Creator: Matan Nataf  |   Downloads: 887

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