With XenApp 4.5/5.0 for Windows 2003 reaching end of life, it’s time to bid farewell to Citrix Resource Manager. Without getting too emotional, I think it’s safe to say Citrix RM was one of the best pieces of software Citrix has ever written. Citrix RM provided simple yet robust solutions for 2 major XenApp admins pains:

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  •  Real-Time Visibility – RM includes an in-console view of the XenApp servers’ health, including performance metric data and other alerts.

    RM Real-time performance matrix

Historical Reporting – using the summary database feature, you can save XenApp performance and usage data in a SQL database, and later run built-in reports against that. Using Jason Conger Web Interface for Resource Manager was (and still is) a great way to present the summary database data

RM Summary Database –WI for RM Usage Calendar


Citrix EdgeSight, replacing Resource Manager in XenApp 5.0 for Windows 2008 and XenApp 6.x, has some great historical reporting capabilities, especially if you are using custom views and reports from sites like EdgeSight Under the Hood. However, real-time monitoring features are quite limited in EdgeSight, and that’s where ControlUp steps in.

ControlUp is a real-time management solution designed from the grounds up to monitor and manage SBC and VDI environments. Since we launched ControlUp back in September 2011, more than 4000 Citrix admins worldwide have used the tool for real-time monitoring. The Citrix community seems well aware of that, as can be seen in the Citrix blogs, forums, and other leading industry sites.

Let’s see how ControlUp can help with both items mentioned above:

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  •  Real-Time Visibility – ControlUp allows you to get a quick overview of your XenApp farm, rapidly spotting and isolating specific servers, sessions or processes that are currently experiencing performance issues.

    ControlUp Real-time performance matrix


  • Historical Reporting – the current ControlUp version supports exporting the different views into CSV files based on a pre-configured schedule. Based on customer feedback for enhanced historical reporting, we are currently incorporating some new capabilities into the next release of ControlUp, stay tuned to our blog for more updates.
  • Update (July 7th 2013) – We just released the ControlUp Reporter utility, which enables ControlUp admins to create simple yet robust Excel reports based on the exported CSV data files. You can read more and download the ControlUp Reporter from this blog post


Besides the real-time monitoring and historical reporting features, ControlUp provides a full set of management actions and toolkits that make troubleshooting and managing a XenApp environment much easier in comparison with the tools you might be used to. Please visit our online documentation to learn more about ControlUp management capabilities.

To summarize, I recommend every Citrix admin out there to give ControlUp a try. From experience, it makes the parting from Citrix Resource Manager much easier ?

Yoni Avital

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